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01 Oct 2021 10:20 AM | Michael Saad


"How You Can Implement Medical Cleaning Practices Into Other Residential & Commercial Cleaning Situations?"  As we have gone through the video trainings and readings, it has been consistently stated that residential facilities are high-Risk grounds for germs and infectious diseases.  What has also been determined is that staff, employees, and visitors are at risk of exposure and the spread potential infection.  So our first solution to the spread is having clean work environments to decrease any spread, whether it be residential or commercial.  More specifically, working daily to keep contaminated environments clean. 

In 2021, America’s general population is facing first-hand impacts of the spread of a harmful, potentially life-threatening virus as we are continuing to face the COVID-19 Virus.   The general population has been informed by local and statewide officials of necessary steps that need to be taken.  Also, we, as a general population, have referred to internet outlets, journals, and CDC guidelines to help eliminate and avoid being infected.  Why is this important in regards to health-care facilities and the general population?  The answer is simply this:  Anyone who is exposed to potentially infectious diseases, environment, and facilities is at risk of carrying that exposure out into the general public.  What is concerning is that the general public may not be as trained or prepared to avoid exposure and re-exposing to others properly.

So what health-care providers and cleaners do within facilities is vastly important to avoiding spread within the general population.  How do we get this knowledge out there?  Referring back to the current pandemic of COVID-19, in general, we are making America aware.  We see it on the news daily; we see signs in grocery stores with guidelines, and much is to be discovered through scholarly journals.  An important read for everyone can be found at

In closing, referring to several important concepts such as “knowing your enemy” and understanding the idea of “universal practice”  is essential.  While it has been stated throughout several posts, and presented in several trainings, we have to understand and using sources such as and the  is a great way to start implementing the proper steps in the workplace as well as for the general population.


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