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Article on The Greater Importance of Knowledge on Bloodborne Pathogens

08 Aug 2020 8:19 PM | Alexis Hajjar

 Here at Clean Freak Cleaning Services LLC we take great pride in being knowlegable and properly educated on all things cleaning. We are working to expand our knowledge on many health risks related to cleaning services and the services that we provide. With that being said we are currently in the middle of a pandemic. The true cause/source of the virus outbreak is not entirely known at this time, but we know that it is a virus and is spreading by person to person contact, and or the contact of this virus on any given item or surface. 

That all being said we do know that we do have some control in this matter by taking a few precautions. Those being staying 6 feet or more away from others, especially those that may be ill, washing our hands frequently, using hand sanitizer and using Personal Protective Equipment. 

Knowing about the source and spread of bloodborne pathogens in critical, especially at this time. The reason being is so is to prevent events such as the one we are experiencing today. By using the proper precautions going forward in the work place we not only protect ourselves from becoming infected with illness and disease, but those around us. 


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