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15 Sep 2022 8:51 PM | Derrick Dyches

Training and readings, it has been consistently stated residential facilities are high-risk grounds for germs and infectious diseases. Staff and employees and visitors are at risk of exposure and the spread potential infection.

Here now America facing a crisis with a virus called COVID-19, which is a virus that causes respiratory illness in people and is extremely contagious. Symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath and diarrhea are somethings that are showing of symptoms. We have the CDC here everyday trying to help eliminate and avoid the outbreak. Residential and or healthcare facilities each should be following universal precautions, each and every job should be looked at as infectious. So we are forced to daily do so with social distancing and having gloves and mask which all come under the term PPE. We are also pushed to being on shutdown to a certain Things, Stores, basically everything. 


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