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Featured member

How we will benefit from being green clean certified.

26 May 2020 5:12 PM | Mitchell Valdez

I believe that earning and receiving green cleaning certification, if done properly will enhance our business. Once certified we can advertise as a green cleaning company which appeals to those who may feel like other chemicals are too harsh for humans and pets to be around. I will also use it as selling point to potential employees who may prefer to work with the safety of the green chemicals.  Also, once certified I intend on passing on the knowledge of this course to employees and customers who can then utilize it in there own ways in and around the house. Overall, I believe this certification can and will make a huge difference in our business. In these trying times of today especially, we are looking for safe, simple and effective ways of keeping our homes and business's safe from virus's. My intent is and will be, to educate people on the best green clean practices for everyday use and having this certification will really show that I am prepared to do so.

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