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The importance of cleaning employees and staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens

06 Aug 2020 3:26 PM | Lois Webb

The importance of cleaning employees and staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens is essential in maintaining a safe workplace and environment. Bloodborne pathogens can easily be transmitted when proper training is not practiced. In the medical profession, schools, stores, or any sector where people come in contact with one another must practice or have a universal approach when experiencing any transmission of blood, fluids, coughing, sneezing, vomiting, open wounds,etc. Therefore knowing which protocols  are standard according to OSHA are essential to maintain.

Cleaning employees and staff must maintain certifications as needed and in an event there is a workplace accident perform duties. Both must follow OSHA Standards on Bloodborne pathogens by wearing PPE, clean up spills, call proper personnel when needed, record incidents, etc.

Even though accidents occur OSHA has put many guidelines in place for both employees and staff to follow on Bloodborne pathogens. We must do our part to maintain certification, practice precaution, and be ready to act when an incident does occur. When taken seriously employees and staff are at ease knowing a plan is in place, therefore educating them on this is essential. 


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