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11 Jun 2020 3:18 PM | William Connelly

In todays world, we seem to want everything bigger, faster, stronger but more important better.  That goes from everything from our cars to our food that we eat and even the products that we use to clean.

   Not knowing, a simple spring cleaning or a regular saturday cleaning around the house is not longer just a regular clean.  Unfortunatly, with us wanting everything better.  We have even gotten to the point that we want our household cleaners better, and to get a faster result.  Less work for a cleaner bathroom right, WRONG!

    A lot of people not knowing, after a regular saturday of cleaning your home, you could be doing more harm to your family then you think.  Simple things such as all purpose cleaners contain crystalline silica which could be harmful to your eyes and skin.  Over a period of time, we could do some serious damage to not only our selves but our loved ones. 

   Green cleaning is growing fast and can be a solution to these harmful cleaners.  An example of a cheap green cleaning product can be simple as mixing water and vinegar.  This inexpensive alternative can be just as good if not better than store bought products.

   Lets get on the healthy train and start to practice green cleaning or hire a green cleaning company to introduce us all to a healthier clean. 


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