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How Important Are Janitors & Janitorial Staff To Our Daily Lives

25 Jan 2022 7:38 PM | Gregory Pierce

     In today's world, having a janitorial staff that is comprised of trained janitors is critical for maintaining a safe and healthy environment; at home and at work.  Janitors provide the routine cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting work that mitigate the potential health and safety hazards we may come in contact with.  These hazards can cause simple health irritations like rashes or coughs but they can also include more serious injuries like permanent disability and possibly even death.

     When looking for a janitorial staff to help with your cleaning needs, you can go to the IJCSA website a search a directory of certified professionals.  Given the importance of the work and required attention to detail; a certified janitorial staff can provide customers reassurance that you've taken the necessary steps to provide a clean and safe environment.  It is also important for these companies to maintain a continued path of education as OSHA, EPA, CDC and other governing bodies continually offer new guidance, protocols and requirements.

     In conclusion, we want to remind everyone that janitors aren't just people that dust, vacuum or clean windows.  Certified janitorial staff in the IJCSA directory have also been trained in Green Cleaning Procedures, Working with Bloodborne pathogens and handling dangerous chemicals to name a few.  Janitors that have these types of certifications not only prevent people from these touching or exposure to these risks but they also ensure that we can all live, work and play in a safe and healthy environment. 


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