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Featured member

Knowledge of BloodBorne Pathogens

11 Jul 2020 6:19 PM | Steven Goodman II

All staff should understand the importance of properly cleaning,sanitizing and disposing of all Bloodborne Pathogens. The potential of contracting a deadly virus such as HBV, HIV or AIDS could be life threatening. Pathogenic Micro Organisms can be pass by mucus membrane, open cuts, bites, needles. All cleaning staff should know and understand the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. If staff has any questions they should contact there supervisor.

All Bloods and Fluids should be considered infectious and universal precaution should be use. Knowledge of Protective practices guidelines are very important. Properly labeling of laundry by color coding, make sure you wear all personal protective gear. Hand washing and sanitizing of all equipment used is necessary. If there was exposure contact your supervisor and doctor. 

Follow all guidelines carefully when cleaning up, avoid splashing or splattering. Never reuse towels or sponges, handle contaminated laundry with care. Do not recap needles, make sure all containers are punture and leak proof. Inspect bins, pails and containers frequently for any contamination. These guidelines should lead to safe and healthy work place. 


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