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The Importance of proper cleaning during a pandemic

16 Sep 2020 6:51 AM | Deleted user

The importance of cleaning and disinfecting the workplace has been brought to the forefront during the Corona virus pandemic. Microorganisms like the Corona virus, as well as viruses that cause Hepatitis B and AIDS, can not just financially ruin a company with a single outbreak, but more importantly, can cause serious harm and even death for the company's employees and customers.

What business can survive the death of a single employee or customer because of careless cleaning procedures that result in an outbreak? Not one. Even an outbreak that results in a single hospitalization can cause financial consequences that put the company at harm. Luckily, with the right policies and procedures, outbreaks can be prevented and workspaces can be properly cleaned and disinfected

The entire staff, not just the janitorial team, needs to be aware of the proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures. All it takes is one employee haphazardly cleaning his area to create an outbreak. Thus, it takes an entire team, led by the janitorial staff, to keep a business clean and safe. 


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