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Featured member

Why it is important for cleaning staff to know about bloodborne pathogens

24 May 2020 6:23 PM | Vincent Supernor

It is of utmost importance for cleaning staff to know about blood borne pathogens. OSHA standards for blood borne pathogens and personal protective equipment require employers to protect workers from occupational exposure to infectious agents.Any business that employs or has contact with people carry some risk of being exposed to the hazards of bloodborne pathogens. It is essential for cleaning company and their staff to be trained in cleaning and disinfecting blood borne pathogens. All personal should have the knowledge and the appropriate PPE in order to properly dispose of contaminated materials.  Staff should always use universal precautions and always assume every person, trash, or area that they come in contact with is infected. Staff should know the policy of what to do if they accidentally become contaminated they need to know how to report the exposure properly. They should know how to properly clean bloodborne pathogens and how to dispose of them. Biohazard, waste, sharps all need to be disposed of properly. All cleaning staff need the knowledge and skills to be able to handle any situation where they may come in contact with bloodborne pathogens. All staff needs to know what PPE they need to wear inorder to prevent contamination or cross contamination. Gloves, masks, gowns, eye protection, bonnet, booties, there are many forms of protection and all cleaning staff need to know what they need to be wearing based on what and where they are cleaning. 


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