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How You Can Implement Medical Cleaning Practices Into Other Residential & Commercial Cleaning Situations

10 Mar 2021 2:41 PM | Ricardo Ferreira

The Coronavirus Epidemic in 2020-21 has demonstrated the importance of have the high level of cleaning in homes and business to minimize the risk of infections by virus and bacteria. 

  • In healthcare the high level of cleaning standards that are used because of the high frequency of infect patients that used this facilities and the  bloodborne pathogens  that are often present can be used in regular home and offices to improve the infection control prevention. 

    The benefits of this higher standard of cleaning at home and regular business are:

  • ·      less employers would be sick and would miss less days of work
  • ·      families and individuals would be less infected by the diseases
  • ·      the society will be more protect in general as spreads of diseases will be great reduce.     

This higher standard of cleaning is more complex. The used of the correct PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), Cleaning product with the higher grated and the correct application of this products are just some examples of more extend knowledge that is require of the cleaning professional. This professional should have received proper  medical cleaning training and a certified professional is recommend. 

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