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Featured member

Adding a Mold Remediation team

27 May 2020 1:21 AM | Gregory Pierce

As an IJCSA member, we've been considering adding a Mold Remediation department to our team.  Over time, we've had multiple inquiries about this type of work and given today's virus outbreak and the similarities, we're going to get out technicians trained.  We currently have our Operation team getting trained so we can ensure we can deliver a full service solution as we do with all of our other offerings.

Proper mold remediation is a very critical part in restoring a home or office after a disaster.  Our team will not only get certified through IJCSA but we will also institute a recurring toolbox topic and training schedule to ensure we are always on the top of our game.  Our leadership team will also be making the capital investment in necessary PPE and work tools to protect our staff while cleaning up these types of situations safely.


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