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15 Sep 2020 8:07 PM | Raymond Whitaker

Cleaning employees need to know about bloodborne pathogens to better protect themselves from dangerous diseases. Exposures to HBV, HIV, and other bloodborne pathogens are real workplace hazards people should expect to face while working in commercial/residential cleaning services. Arming yourself with the proper knowledge on how to work safely around these threats better protect yourself, your loved ones, and the people you work to protect.

Non cleaning staff need to understand the possible exposures of bloodborne pathogens to protect themselves. Your respect of things your may not purposely come into contact regularly could slow the spread of dangerous diseases. Knowing the that what you may or may have come into contact can limiting exposure and protect yourself, clients, and coworkers.

The most important item everyone should know is your OSHA compliant binder. The information should be current and organized to find critical information quickly giving people the access to life saving techniques and policies. Swift decisive response begins with a plan, and a good pre plan can make the difference in receiving the care an exposed victim need.


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