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Bloodborne Pathogens

07 Aug 2020 9:50 AM | Eunseo Ku

Understanding about bloodborne pathogens are important because:

Not following bloodborn pathogens procedures can lead to serious illnesses or disease where ended up damage your health permanently such as HIV Hepatitis C or B even permanent damage to your organs such as lung or liver.  

Bloodborne pathogens commonly exposed through Needle Sticks (punctures from using needles), Cuts from contaminated sharrps, broken glass, or other sharp objects,  contacting contaminated blood or other body flu then touch your own eyes, nose, mouth or abraded skin.

The way to prevent from exposed to bloodborne pathogens are:

Always use protective equipment like gown, mask, gloves, face shield, goggles, if needed, keep distance from the objects, thoroughly wash your hands before and after the work is completed. 


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