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The Importance of Cleaning Staff or employers knowing about Bloodborne Pathogens

26 Jul 2021 3:29 PM | Frederick Ollennu

The daily activity of most cleaning companies is tasked with keeping a space clean and infection free, in this regard it is important for anyone who undertakes this task to be conversant with the importance of  maintaining safety especially when it involves Bloodborne Pathogens or body fluids.

it  is particularly essential to have properly trained and certified IJCSA Bloodborne Pathogen Certification staff when they have an higher exposure to  blood and or body fluids in places such as medical facilities, Dental offices and others. An employer needs to have trained staff  who can handle  potentially  infectious blood or body fluid pathogens and the correct protocol after an exposure. This will also go a long way to convince your clients that you know what you are about and can be trusted.

Since exposure to bloodborne pathogens are very fatal in most instances, it is imperative for an employer and its staff to be properly trained and equipped themselves with the knowledge of its management, treatment and disposal of contaminated materials.


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