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Safety & Bloodborne Pathogens

29 Nov 2020 9:58 AM | Deleted user

It is extremely important for every organization that deal with bloodborne pathogens to be extremely cautious within every aspect of the handling process. Ensuring that your employees receive the appropriate training and education as to how to handle these accordingly is of the upmost importance. When you ensure that each employee has had the appropriate training, it signifies that you are invested in the health and safety of everyone within your company. 

Bloodborne pathogens are an extremely serious concern in certain work environments. "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention established the "Universal Precaution" approach, recommending that blood and certain body fluids from ALL patients be considered potentially infectious." This is an excellent motto for any employee or employer to follow. Again, taking the extra steps just ensures the safety of all employees. 

Implementing the protective practices provided in the video will assist in the overall protection and education as well. Creating and implementing other company specific protective practices are just as important and validated. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure you are protected when cleaning in these high risk areas. So educate yourself and co-workers!


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