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Importance of BP Training for Janitors during Covid-19

25 Nov 2020 10:16 AM | Deleted user

"Janitorial services help clean up hazardous fluids like vomit or urine that need to be removed immediately." Janitors also get rid or certain substances that cause an odor. They assist in preventing the spread of disease in a variety of facets. It is important not to overlook the significance of janitorial responsibilities. 

Janitors assist and play a huge role in safeguarding the health of building occupants. They do so by ensuring that everything is cleaned in an appropriate manner, as well as an approved manner. They assist in keeping you safe at work, sporting events etc. 

It is also important to think of the role that janitors play in protecting your children while at school. They clean every day to ensure our kids have a safe environment to learn in. This risk factor is exponentially elevated due to COVID-19. At times, we can all overlook the importance of these roles; however, they are critical in a variety of facets. 


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