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Benefits of getting your Carpet Cleaned by an IJCSA member

01 Aug 2020 2:19 PM | Daniel Rivera Jr.

There are many benefits of hiring a business that's been certified by the IJCSA RCS Certification program. When hiring a business that's certified by the IJCSA, that company is educated in the correct form of cleaning a house, safety requirements, chemicals, and implementing procedures. These proper steps and procedures learned from an IJCSA member can be very helpful especially when cleaning a carpet. Carpets are known to hold pollen, dust, and bacteria and are home to insects including dust mites and termites. People with sever allergies and asthma can suffer form a dirty carpet since it can clog airflow.

Having a member of the IJCSA clean your carpet will know all the correct procedures to get rid of pollen, dust, germs, termites and dust mites. With a clean carpet in your home, clogged airflow will be the least of your worries. Monthly follow-ups and experienced professionals, we make certain your carpet is as clean as your home. 


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