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Staying Safe In A Hazardous Environment

08 Mar 2021 7:54 AM | Brian Sadler

     Our business deals with mold and virus remediation & crime scene, trauma clean up. All of these environments pose a sever threat to every worker. the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment is essential in preventing possible exposure to HIV, Hepatitis B, viruses, bacterial infection, and mold and mildew exposure. The same way you treat a gun as always loaded, you treat any workspace and scene as being infected. With this mind set and attitude you will always remain safe. 

     Proper handling of contaminated materials will not only keep you safe but will ensure you do not possibly contaminate other areas and other people. Never take short cuts when donning and offing your PPE. Always dispose of contaminated material safely and properly. Always be aware of possible sharp objects that can not only breech your PPE but may open wounds that can put you even more at risk. 

     Your health and safety is our utmost concern. Proper training and practices will ensure you remain healthy and safe in a hazardous environment that we work in every day.  


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