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Bloodborne Pathogens

14 Sep 2020 4:52 PM | Brennan Casler

It is important that anyone dealing with bloodborne pathogens learn the proper procedures to clean them in order to keep themselves and others safe from exposure. If staff does not follow the proper procedures they could put themselves in danger of contracting any of the bloodborne pathogens they are dealing with. 

 It is also important to understand that bloodborne pathogens aren't limited to blood exposure or the simple prick of a used needle like you so commonlyhear. Pathogens can also be transmitted through saliva, like a human bite, and even vomit. You are also exposed, not just through a cut or break or the skin, but by breathing in the pathogens as well. It is also best to never, smoke, eat, drink or even apply chap stick etc at an exposure sight. 

With proper training in how to properly clean an exposure sight staff have a much lower chance of contracting a pathogen. By having a written exposure control plan at each work sight, knowing to never compress trash yourself and avoiding splashing or splattering of contaminated chemicals etc, as well as using the proper color coded bins and/or trash bags exposure is extremely limited.


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