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Why janitorial workers are important in our daily lives

04 Oct 2020 4:58 PM | Racine McLeod

Janitorial and custodial workers are essential employees that provide and maintain a healthy environment. They are workers trained to use proper cleaning techniques in reducing or eliminating pathogens that can cause human illnesses. As businesses, schools, and public operations continue to open back up now facing the Covid-19 pandemic, janitors and custodians workers are more important now than ever. These essential workers are tasked with ensuring healthy safety practices are met through knowledge acquired in health sanitation programs.

Cleaning is vital to the public and without janitorial workers there would be a lot of disgusting schools, work offices, restrooms, hospitals buildings to name a few. These essential workers are of great importance in creating a healthy space and keeping people happy safe and healthy. Knowing you are able to come into a clean space free of harmful bacteria, fungi, pathogens are a major thing that's often over looked. Janitors and custodians keep our world healthy and safe! 


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