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Bloodborn Pathogens Safety

17 Oct 2020 7:37 PM | Sandra Gomez

Bloodborne pathogens are infectious microorganisms in human blood that can cause disease in humans. In itself, the definition of bloodborne pathogens is already frightening as it sounds. However, having a clear understanding of the pathogens that can endanger oneself while in an  occupational exposure can help minimize the risk of disease. Providing the right PPE, disposing of equipment the correct way, and using the right chemicals are essential to increased safety.

It is important for cleaning staff to be well equipped at all times. Lack of special equipment increases the chances for the employee to be exposed. For this reason, gloves, masks, and gowns shall be worn constantly. Once used and exposed, the equipment must then be disposed of unless certain equipment can be properly decontaminated and reused.

Disposing of equipment is just as important. Gowns, masks, and gloves should be properly disposed of. Sharp objects must then be placed in containers specially made for the matter. Without proper training, an employee can miss protocols and endanger others for mishandling such equipment.

Lastly, using the correct procedures for exposed areas is imperative. When in an exposed area, one must always treat blood as infectious. Properly cleaning and disposing of equipment is essential. This is why the exposure control plan, vaccinations, training/education, and PPE is important to understand because it decreases the risk of exposure. 


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