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How FSC Can Implement

16 Oct 2020 9:56 AM | Larry Westbrook

Understanding the importance of proper cleaning in a healthcare facility only broadens our scope and provides a thorough avenue of cleaning other facilities be it residential or commercial. It raises a better awareness of pathogens, microorganisms and bacteria that can spread quicker than you think if not using proper cleaning methods. 

FSC will consistently train on bloodborne pathogens, how they spread and necessary precautions. We will also reinforce PPE as that is most necessary to help prevent the spreading of germs. FSC makes sure cleaners have and use their gloves when cleaning both residential and commercial client homes and facilities. What we will tighten up on is HOW we clean. 

Something as small as changing your gloves before cleaning another area after cleaning a restroom. The idea is not to only protect yourself, but to protect the client as well. So often we consider the protection of ourselves when it comes to cleaning other spaces, but the reality is, we have to do our part together to protect one another. 

Changing linens on a bed will also be done differently. It's not uncommon to hurry through changing the linens on a bed, but it's not common that we think about all of the bacteria that may be in those sheets. We may carelessly rub them on our clothes or shake them causing whatever bacteria on them to become airborne.  FSC will take greater precaution in this area as well as new training.

Here is a link that will show the proper way to change the linens on a bed:


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