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26 Oct 2020 1:58 PM | Sandra Gomez

At SEG, not only are we consumer-friendly, but eco-friendly. Modern times requires change, and we at SEG are adapting to help consumers and the world to be in a better place. Chemicals today have a harmful effect on households and the environment which cannot be tolerated. Little changes today can lead to big changes for the future. 

What SEG plans on doing is tremendous for the health benefits for the consumer and environment, as well as for the company. Switching over from base household chemicals to natural green products will leave our consumers feeling safer and have a beneficial outlook at our finances. There will be much reflection and change to our cleaning products and materials. Switching over to cellulose sponges, biodegradable garbage bags, and creating eco-friendly living spaces are some examples. Finally to top it off, using pressurized water vapor. This techniques kills about 99% of bacteria just because of the pressurized water vapor. This is a complete natural technique that is extremely effective. 

At SEG, we are confident that switching over to green cleaning will be beneficial to our company. More clientele will come knocking at our doors, but we will be feeling good about ourselves at the end of the day. The company, household, and world will be at a better place because of a switch over from chemical products to green products. 


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