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bloodborne pathogens

13 Nov 2020 8:40 PM | Anthony Smith

  We are all at risk to bloodborne pathogens in all work places, some not as much as other but it is very crucial that we all know and understand what our part to help prevent the spread and to keep ourselves safe while in the work place. It is important to note that people who are infected with bloodborne pathogens may not show any signs or symptoms, so it is essential that ALL persons in the workplace be considered infectious. This means that any and all precautions must be taken to avoid contact with others.

    We must always use the proper PPE when dealing with bloodborne pathogens or anything that may be possibly infected , to prevent ourselves from being infected as well. Always wash hands thoroughly after taking gloves off and disposing of them and all disposable PPE. It is our job in the work place to make sure each other is safe from bloodborne pathogens. 


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