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Importance of Employees and Staff Knowing About Bloodborne Pathogens

13 Jan 2021 9:56 AM | Jamie Serrilli

Amid the growing Coronavirus Pandemic it is more important than ever for employees and staff to know the risk about bloodborne and non bloodborne pathogens. Properly handling and being aware of all the contaminated surfaces that employees come in contact with is key to preventing an exposure. It is important for everyone to be properly educated and aware of how to keep themselves and others safe.

Using Universal Precautions and assuming that all bodily fluids are infectious is the safest way to prevent infections from bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis B and HIV. All employees should be aware of the OSHA standards and what precautions to take incase of an exposure.

Lastly wearing proper PPR is crucial in preventing an exposure. Employers should provide their employees with the proper PPE needed to due their work properly. When cleaning or working with blood/bodily fluids make sure that you are wearing appropriate PPE and are following all guidelines that have been taught to you when you were trained.

Following these simple step will help ensure a safe work environment. 


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