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Why Customer Service?

23 Nov 2020 5:03 PM | Jessica Ocasio

Members of the IJCSA pride themselves on making clients needs come first.  In the cleaning industry customer service is key.   One’s client must by your top priority, and going above and beyond to provide a superior service is highly regarded.    Because there is a high level of competition in the industry, being  highly regarded as a customer service friendly company can go a very long way, especially when it comes to bidding contracts and sealing the deal.  Having superior service, even in the most challenging times, will set your company apart from others.  Member of IJCSA will no doubt provide this level of service.  There is not one company you will find in this list ( that does not pride themselves on making the ace with the client. 

It’s the attention to detail that can make or break a company, and not only in regards to the work itself, but how the work is delivered – with a smile, a please and thank you, etc.  Being professional with your client is of utmost importance and if that is accomplished one can expect that customer service will also flow with ease.  We are in the business of making people happy.  The service industry can be challenging, especially in today’s time.   Being on point with customer service makes all of IJCSA stand out above the rest. 


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