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Benefits of having your carpets cleaned by a member of the IJCSA

20 Jan 2021 7:47 PM | Paul Willis

There is a good reason to have your carpets, and or upholstery cleaned by a carpet cleaning technician certified by the IJCSA. The IJCSA offers it's members the opportunity to become certified in carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning with a comprehensive course of study. 

This carpet cleaning certification course covers extensive knowledge, and practical application of proven techniques for various carpet cleaning procedures. These procedures include identification of different types of carpet, different cleaning methods, and proven applications for many different types of stain removal.

This course also offers insight on various conditions that can occur throughout the carpet cleaning process.This insight explains in detail how to correct any undesired results, as well as tips on how to avoid them.

Finally, this course educates the technician on how to convey to the customer that regular maintenance for their carpet is not a selling point, but a necessity in protecting their investment. This information includes instructing client on importance of regular vacuuming, prompt treatment of spills, stain treatment, as well as regular intervals of carpet cleaning by trained professionals. 


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