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Professional Education About Bloodborne Pathogens

23 Jul 2021 2:47 PM | Erica Buckner

Bloodborne Pathogens are infectious micro-organisms found in human blood that can infect other humans. It is extremely important to educate cleaning staff about bloodborne pathogens. The purpose of providing education is to raise your employees’ awareness about assessing their environment for potential risks, how to reduce risk, how to handle risk, and procedures to follow if one has been exposed. Being vigilant about the potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens is essential to employee safety practices.

Therefore, cleaning, and janitorial business owners, managers/supervisors, and employees are considered as frontline professionals who are exposed to these risks. But it is key to operate in such a fashion that all employees and other lay people are considered as infectious to maintain health and protection standards. The two main, but not limited to, bloodborne pathogens are HBV and HIV.

As such, the IJCSA Bloodborne Pathogens Certification Training ensures that employees are adequately trained based on updated standards stipulated by OSHA. Training employees is important for protecting the safety and health of not only the employee but also other persons who the employee may encounter. Having standards to operate by to reduce risks; to perform assessments; and a control plan is paramount for employee and community safety.


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