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Poison alert: Cleaning product landed 2 North Jersey kids in the hospital this month

16 Nov 2016 8:47 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

In North Jersey over just a four-week period, two kids in separate cases were hospitalized after ingesting an industrial cleaning product that was brought into the home by a family member.

Both children are expected to make a full recovery, but poison experts are urging parents to be more cautious about the products they bring indoors.

In each case, a commercial stove cleaner/degreaser was taken home by a family member who works in a restaurant, according to the New Jersey Poison Information and Education System. The product was transferred into a typical container, such as a water bottle, making it even more appealing to young eyes.

“Whenever we hear about a child who drinks or ingests an industrial strength cleaner, we get much more worried because we know it can have a very devastating effect,” said NJPIES Medical Director Dr. Diane Calello.

More at source: New Jersey 101.5

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