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This Is Why Your Janitorial Service Needs Bond Insurance

28 Nov 2016 8:33 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

1. The police were summoned by an auto dealer. A car was missing. The culprit? A janitorial service employee that had been cleaning up after-hours. Grabbing a set of keys that had been left in the drop off box, the crooked worker matched key to car and drove off. Eventually law enforcers discovered the abandoned car, severely damaged due to an auto collision.

2. Though the janitorial company that sent their cleaning lady to an attorney's office for after-hours cleanup never would have suspected her of thievery, when the woman found two unsealed packets of cash in an unsecured desk, she could not resist the temptation.

3. It was the very first day of employment for one nighttime custodian in a bank. Unfortunately, his actions made it his very last day as well. Robbing the institution's vault of fifteen thousand dollars in cash, the loss was a colossal one. The janitorial service that employed him was responsible for the losses and damages. 
How does this type of specialized Insurance bond help a janitorial service along with its clients?

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