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Indianapolis Janitors Push for Health Care, Sick Days, and a Living Wage

02 Nov 2018 8:22 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
Forty-eight Indianapolis janitors and supporters, including two Indianapolis City-County Council members, were arrested while staging a sit-in October 25 at the intersection next to the corporate headquarters of Eli Lilly, Indiana’s richest corporation. The pharmaceutical giant is Indianapolis’s leading corporate philanthropist, currently spearheading a $13 million United Way campaign to alleviate poverty, in a city where 1 in 5 residents lives in poverty.

But among the city’s poor are the subcontracted janitors who clean Eli Lilly’s buildings, who start at a meager $9.75 an hour. At the rally, Lilly janitors shared stories. One speaker had been left homeless—unable to afford a security deposit and first month’s rent combined, despite full-time work. A whopping 88 percent of the city’s union janitors can’t afford the health insurance offered. “Our lives, our children, and our future are at stake,” said Clarence Jones, one of the Lilly janitors who spoke at the rally.

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