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Green Is The New Clean!

02 Mar 2019 11:17 AM | Deleted user

In recent times Green Cleaning has emerged as a globally accepted movement which employs effective cleaning that incorporates solutions which make considerations for both human and environmental health and protection. It seeks to thoroughly address these with the continuous use of green products, equipment, tools and practices. These products and practices usually avoid the use of toxic cleaning products and chemically reactive products which cause respiratory, dermatology and many other life threatening effects.

Our company plans to embrace the continuous progression towards a greener and more resilient economy by way of the implementation of a green cleaning service program into our daily operations. The program will see the use of more green friendly, Non-Toxic products such as the Simple Green Products which we are currently using, the utilization of more homemade substitutions for cleaning chemicals which encompasses mixtures made from common household ingredients namely vinegar, salt, lemon juice etc., the increased use of recyclable and biodegradable cleaning materials as well as other basic green cleaning techniques.

The continued implementation of a green cleaning service program will provide several benefits for our company, its employees and valued clients who we aim to provide a Reliable Quality work with guaranteed satisfaction. These benefits will range from Health - Economical – Social and from the health perspective will include added improved respiratory, dermatology and overall health for all from the use of less toxic chemicals when cleaning hence making homes and the environment much safer for us to dwell and socialize in. It will protect the environment, thereby protecting us by reducing our exposure to these deadly cleanings. Not forgetting to mention that green cleaning products also helps to eliminate odors thus making it much easier for us to breathe. The program will also provide much needed economic benefits for the company and its customers since green cleaning products helps to protect surfaces longer so our customers can save money, it will reduce the liability of our company by reducing the chances of our employees or customers becoming ill due to exposure with toxic chemical, improve the level of business productivity and so much more.

Green Cleaning will help to protect us and our environment for generations to come. 

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  • 29 Dec 2018 10:02 PM | Lisa Lemons
    California has become a global leader in the use of renewable energy by implementing laws and regulations targeted to protect our environment. There's tons and tons of cleaning products contaminating our landfills and oceans. With that being said it only makes since that we do our part by going green too!

    Moving forward into the future is an exciting time for the Green Revolution. Companies are investing billions of dollars racing for the next best product or service that will and can benefit all man kind in order to make the planet a better place for us all. Multi-national corporations as well as scientists and scholars a like all agree planet is in crisis.

    Cleaning companies such as Clean Up Now of Duluth, GA and Moore 4 U Commercial Cleaning of Albany, N.Y. are many cleaning companies out there that have decided to join the Green Revolution by offering green products and services. Using natural products such as vinegar, baking soda, and mirco-fiber cloths can deep clean and leave sparkling shine!
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